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DRS Website Refresh

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Retirement Outlook

Read the summer edition for active members.

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DRS now has a LinkedIn page

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Retirement Education

Do you know where you stand with your retirement plan? Make sense of it all on the Education page.

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Benefit payment schedule

Learn when to expect your payment.

As a member or retiree in any DRS pension plan, you can securely access your retirement account online. If you’re a member, you can view your account, annual statement and service credit balance, create a retirement benefit estimate, and complete your retirement application online. If you’re retired, you can get copies of your 1099-Rs, annual statement, keep track of your return-to-work hours and see other helpful information related to your retirement benefit.

For participants in Plan 3 and the Deferred Compensation Program, you can also access your investment accounts by logging in here.

Remember, your retirement account is the gateway to a wealth of personalized online services. Click the Sign Up button to get started. If you need more information, see the Online Account Access help page.

Getting Started

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DCP - The Way to Save

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Nearing Retirement

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